Ophthalmology residents practice patient advocacy

Residents in the College of Medicine department of ophthalmology graduate after having performed nearly 2,000 procedures, and they also leave with an ability to advocate for the best patient care possible.

The residency program ranks No.1 in the country in the number of cataract surgeries that residents perform and maintains a 100% pass rate on board exams. Cataract surgeries are the most common procedure practicing ophthalmologists encounter, said Casey Beal, M.D., FAAP, director of the department’s residency program, and at UF, residents graduate with about 300 of these surgeries under their belts.

High surgical volumes, the ability to operate earlier in their residency and advocacy opportunities are compelling draws for soon-to-be residents considering where to complete their training. This focus on patient-centric advocacy led the American Academy of Ophthalmology to choose UF’s program as the recipient of the Commitment to Advocacy Award earlier this year.

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