Dr. Sonal S. Tuli wins a Distinguished Service Award!

The American Academy of Ophthalmology honored Dr. Sonal S. Tuli with the Distinguished Service Award for her role on the “COVID Dream Team”. This team of five volunteers represented the public and clinical educational arms of the Academy to provide reliable guidance and information to help both physicians and patients navigate the most challenging days of the pandemic.COVID-Dream Team

Dr. Tuli was recognized for her dedication to educating the media and public about COVID-19 and the eye. Dr. Tuli served as one of two key clinical spokespeople for the Academy from the pandemic’s outset to field questions from the media on emerging and evolving evidence linking  COVID-19 to certain eye conditions. She also contributed to various  publications produced for the Academy’s public education website.  These publications addressed topics  such as pink eye and COVID-19, how to distinguish COVID-19 symptoms from allergies, and encouraged patients to return to the doctor’s office for regular visits when restrictions were lifted.