Glaucoma Service

UF Health’s glaucoma physicians have trained many renowned glaucoma specialists, played a leading role in glaucoma research, and have taken part in the development of many currently available new therapies to treat glaucoma.

image A female optician turning the wheel dial of an opthalmoscope. closeup.UF Health’s Eye Center is also a regional center for pediatric glaucoma care. UF ophthalmologists offer treatments for trabeculectomies with the use of antifibrotic agents and perform cataract surgery and a variety of laser surgeries for glaucoma patients including SLT, ALT, peripheral iridectomies,iridoplasties, Diode trans-scleral cyclophotocoagulation and laser capsulotomies. They also perform glaucoma drainage device surgery. Services are provided at UFHealth Eye Center – The Oaks.


Our Glaucoma Services are Directed by: