Research Training in Vision Science- NEI T32 Mentors

Biomedical Engineeringv

Benjamin Keselowsky, PhD

Biomaterials & controlled release systems for vaccines, immuno-therapies & implants

Benjamin Keselowsky


Alfred Lewin, PhD

RNA-mediated gene therapy of retinal diseases

Alfred Lewin


Astra Dinculescu, PhD

Biology & therapy of Usher Syndrome & late onset Retinal Dystrophy

Astra Dinculescu


Shannon Boye, PhD

Rationale design of adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy for retinal diseases

Shannon Boye


William Hauswirth, PhD

Retinal gene therapy

William Hauswirth

immunology & microbiology

David Bloom, PhD

Regulation of Herpes Simplex virus latency, reactivation & novel HSV therapies for eye and other herpetic diseases

David Bloom


John Ash, PhD

Retinal degeneration

John D. Ash, Ph.D.


W. Clay Smith, PhD

Energy metabolism and therapeutics in retinal degeneration

W. Clay Smith

Physiology & Functional Genomics

Ekaterina Lobanova, PhD

Proteasome & lipid cell biology of the retina

Ekaterina Lobanova

Physiology & Functional Genomics

Qiuhong Li , PhD

Therapeutic intervention for diabetic retinopathy

Qiuhong Li


Andreas Keil, PhD

Cortical processing of visual perception & attention

Andreas Keil


Lisa Scott, PhD

Visual attention & perceptual learning

Lisa Scott

Veterinary medicine

Caryn Plummer, PhD

Glaucoma & uveitis in large animals

Caryn Plummer