Residency Program

Lei Xu
Why UF Ophthalmology
What makes our program top tier? We offer our residents a high surgical volume with unique surgical experiences not offered at other institutions. Additionally, we are the leaders in the management and treatment of some of the rarest and most difficult pathology to treat in the United States. Providing residents the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research in both the basic and translational fields.
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Surgical training
Surgical volume is arguably one of the most important facets of a microsurgical residency, your skill will ultimately determine your ability to manage patients as well as complications. Additionally, it will be one of the primary deciding factors for your employment in the future. UF ophthalmology delivers a wide range of surgical diversity and volume in all subspecialties. Below are some of the unique surgical experiences we offer that set us apart from most programs.
Dr. Philip Ames
What residents
I chose to go to UF Ophthalmology because I was looking for a program with a strong clinical and surgical background with high volume that also offers an academic environment with support for research. As a medical student applying for residency it can be difficult to gauge what faculty are truly like and I am elated I came to UF because it is a friendly, teaching oriented, environment without malignancy. The pathology I have seen during my residency has been diverse ranging from parasitic corneal infections to rare retinal genetic diseases. The surgical opportunities are vast as well, with residents training to manage some of the most complex ocular diseases. – Philip Ames
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